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Special thanks to Alan Levi of Nordic PCL who informed me of this opportunity for our students. The deadline is April 15, 2013 so don’t forget to apply. Let me know if your interested and I’ll email the application to you. Mr T.



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A big mahalo goes out to the CMAA Hawaii Chapter for setting up $1,000 scholarships for Construction Management Students. Thank you to Mike Young of Bowers & Kubota and Tim Bramsen from URS and everyone else at the CMAA for all their work arranging this. This is a great opportunity for our students.

A valid question.  Ask 10 people and you will get 10 different answers. Here is mine; A Construction Manager brings a planset to life.  He (or she) assists the contractor in constructing the intent of the designer and the owner in the field.

A Construction Manager (CM) oversees and mentors a team usually consisting of one or more Resident Engineers who have oversight responsibility for a team of inspectors, surveyors, materials testers, and administrative staff. This team ensures the project is built well, on schedule, and built safely, and that the contractor is compensated in a fair and timely manner for work performed. The Construction Manager also assists in dispute resolution, claim avoidance, and performs whatever other duties are required to ensure successful completion of the project. Depending on the size of the project, a CM may have several projects which are his/her responsibility.

In my view, there are 3 basic conflicts present during the construction of most projects;

  • Owner vs. Contractor
  • Owner vs. Project
  • Contractor vs. Project

A successful Construction Manager, through understanding contract administration procedures, construction techniques, the contract documents, and the intent of the Owner/ Designer and Contractor, develops these conflicts into one; Project Team vs. Project. Using the power of synergy (where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts) develops and manages a team with a single purpose; the on time and safe delivery of a project at the lowest fair cost that all members of the project team will be proud to have been a part of.

Whew… That sure seems like a lot of stuff to have to know!

Well, yeah, it is a lot of stuff, but don’t worry, as I have been told throughout my career; it is a marathon, not a sprint.  Being a Construction Manager is a career destination, it is a goal. There is a long path between your first step onto a construction site and managing projects. The key to getting there however, can be simply stated, “Show up and do the best you can every single day”.

There are many different paths to becoming a Construction Manager. When I started my career in this field 21 years ago (this week), I had no idea what I wanted to be when I “grew up”, what a Construction Manager was, or even that the field existed.  My foundations in the field were via materials testing and inspection.  I was not sure where my path would lead, but I knew that it felt as if it was going somewhere, and I was learning a lot about how to build Roads and Bridges. Eventually I came to a level where, without an education, I could go no further. I started looking into construction related college programs to see what was available and discovered this field via a 2 year associates program in Construction Management at my local Community College(in Washington). I enrolled, worked hard and followed through until I emerged with my AS in Construction Management.  It was because this program existed, and because I showed up and did the best that I could every day I am now a Construction Manager. I look back fondly on my journey and am thankful for the existence of programs such as the HCC CM program and I feel extremely fortunate that there are selfless people out there like Norman Takeya and Guy Fo who work so hard to make programs like this available to people like me (and you).

There is a lot of CM opportunity coming our way here in Oahu. There will be a huge need for construction oversight professionals’ right here in our own backyard. Get ready for it. Study hard, work hard and focus on doing the best you can today. Keep track of each day and the years will take care of themselves, and before you know it, you will find you have succeeded beyond what you could have hoped for.

Tim Bramsen  CCM

Job Opportunity

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Job Opportunity

Bruce Matson Company is looking for a Project Engineer this is a entry level position. Get in touch with Kristy today!

Aloha Gang, We finally made the commitment and made the move to a all night and Saturday program. A number of factors lead to the decision, better enrollment, internships, lab space, and recommendations from admin. I realize that this will affect some of you, however I feel that being a CMGT major, you will overcome the adversity and continue to move forward in your educational goals. We are switching to a blog type of format for the newsletter and I will be emailing the link out to all of you.

Special Thanks to the Department of Transportation who picked up 3 of our students for internships. We will continue to work hard to get our students placed in internships to help them understand the importance and apply what we are teaching.

Conversations with UH West Oahu are continuing and we are looking forward to developing the bachelors program with them.

The CMAA student chapter has been formed with Micheal Handy, President; Renee McClung-Lee, Vice President; Dylan Dane, Secretary; and BIlly Kuan, Treasurer.  Micheal will be calling an organizational meeting in the near future. The club will be a great place to make contacts and for the folks that will hire you to get to know you as you progress through the program. I look forward to a big turnout as we organize the club. We will also continue our affiliation with the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and the local Building Industry of Hawaii. Congratulations to our second year students who were the stars of the stew challenge this year.

I’d like to thank the following companies for Internships for our students: Bowers & Kubota, AMEC, Department of Transportation, Oahu Plumbing, and Trinity Management Group. If your firm is interested in setting up an internship for our students please contact Norman Takeya at 844-2376.


CMAA Community Service

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CMAA Community Service

The CMAA Hawaii Chapter along with the student chapter re-striped the parking lot at the YWCA in Kailua. James MacKay, Harris Okazaki, Kasey Miyasato, and Michael Handy were there to lend a helping hand.

Early Registration

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Hi CMGT Students,hope you are enjoying your spring break. Early registration begins on April 9 for students with 36 completed or transfer credits at HonCC as long as HonCC is your home institution. You can check to see your registration time by going to myUH portal then to “check registration status”. Check to make sure you do not have any holds as holds will prevent you from registering. Summer 2013 free classes for Native Hawaiian or TRIO qualified students – believe ENG 22 & MATH 24 will be offered by TRIO and MATH 25, 103, and ENG may be offered by the Native Hawaiian program.  Contact respective offices for specifics.

CLOSED CLASSES – There may be a wait list feature for the closed classes.  if yes, sign up for the wait list.  hopefully you will be able to get into the class if a student drops the class or is dropped for non payment.

See a COUNSELOR – the College will reopen on Mon, Apr 1.  walk in hours are Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur and Fri from 9 am to 3 pm.  There may be long lines of students as this is the first week open after spring break and also the week before Early Registration. Let me know if you have questions. Marilynn Ito-Won