Making the Move to Nights and other News

Posted: March 27, 2013 in Program News
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Aloha Gang, We finally made the commitment and made the move to a all night and Saturday program. A number of factors lead to the decision, better enrollment, internships, lab space, and recommendations from admin. I realize that this will affect some of you, however I feel that being a CMGT major, you will overcome the adversity and continue to move forward in your educational goals. We are switching to a blog type of format for the newsletter and I will be emailing the link out to all of you.

Special Thanks to the Department of Transportation who picked up 3 of our students for internships. We will continue to work hard to get our students placed in internships to help them understand the importance and apply what we are teaching.

Conversations with UH West Oahu are continuing and we are looking forward to developing the bachelors program with them.

The CMAA student chapter has been formed with Micheal Handy, President; Renee McClung-Lee, Vice President; Dylan Dane, Secretary; and BIlly Kuan, Treasurer.  Micheal will be calling an organizational meeting in the near future. The club will be a great place to make contacts and for the folks that will hire you to get to know you as you progress through the program. I look forward to a big turnout as we organize the club. We will also continue our affiliation with the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and the local Building Industry of Hawaii. Congratulations to our second year students who were the stars of the stew challenge this year.

I’d like to thank the following companies for Internships for our students: Bowers & Kubota, AMEC, Department of Transportation, Oahu Plumbing, and Trinity Management Group. If your firm is interested in setting up an internship for our students please contact Norman Takeya at 844-2376.



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