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CMAA Golf Tournament

Posted: June 21, 2013 in Club News, CMAA

CMAA Student Chapter

This tournament resulted in two CMAA scholarships for our students. Please come out and support this worthy cause. Student volunteers will be needed for this event.


Hey, we all had a great time at the CMAA mini Conference and fellow students Mike Handy, Ryan Yip, Mabel Wong , and Shella (giggles) Bautista were in attendance representing the CMAA student chapter. (that’s the way to represent!) The waster water presentation was really good and it showed me that I need to add music to my powerpoints. (lol) My 3D printing presentation was the last to go but out of the 70 many were still there and they were even interested in what we are doing with 3D printing. So be sure to attend these events and represent! It’s a great chance to network and meet the people that will be hiring you or would be able to recommend you for a position on their team.

Hey, watch for fellow CMGT majors Mabel Wong and Shella Bautista as they make their TV debut on a UHCC commercial! July 26 on KHON during the Hokulei’a broadcast. That’s the way to represent!!! Huh? You demonstrated robots? You guys don’t know anything about robots!?! Special thanks to Harris Okazaki who gave a super presentation to Senator Chun-Oakland on CMGT. Wait, what not CMGT huh? Robots?!?

SSFM is looking for…

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Job Opportunities

SSFMOne of our super program supporters is SSFM and they just called with a entry level position for you folks to consider. Project Clerk, handling paperwork on various projects. Assisting the Project staff and overall learn everything. Go to the website and apply online. This is a great opportunity and a way to get into the industry. Start as a clerk and show them what you can do and move up from there! Be sure to take advantage of it and don’t miss the chance to work with SSFM! Big Mahalo to Ranelle Ho who referred the position to us. Thanks to Doreen Furuyama for calling us!