1. What kind of positions can I seek after graduation?

Although our program is Construction Management, there are a few steps one must first go through before becoming a CM. Project Engineer or Project Coordinator is the most common entry level position.

A Construction Manager is a high level position which requires many years of experience. Upon graduation from our program you have a choice of the following entry level positions:

 Project Engineers
Project Coordinators

Inspectors (Building, Highway, etc.)
Surveying Tech.
Testing Technicians
Document Technician (Certification Required)
To become a Certified Construction Manager you need at least 4 years of documented supervisory experience.
2. How do I know if Construction Management is for me?

Career Clarification in Summer 2013

Take this summer to spend time on checking out Construction Management:

  1. explore career opportunities in Construction Management by researching companies that employ construction managers.  Find out job descriptions and responsibilities for specific companies.
  2. network with personnel in construction companies.  Attend industry fairs/events and meet company personnel.
  3. career shadow with a Construction Manager by spending a day following the Manager around in his/her daily activities
  4. conduct an informational interview with a Construction Manager.  Ask questions unique to the Manager experience such as a).  what is the best thing about the job?  b). what is one challenge about job?  c).  what advice would you give to someone wanting to be a Construction Manager
  5. get a part time or volunteer position in a construction related company
  6. work on your resume, cover letter and thank you letter.  Organize your documents such as transcript, training certificates. etc.

One valuable resource is the Career and Employment Center (CEC) which offers career counseling, career assessments and assistance in selecting the right major for you.  Additionally, per-employment services are provided such as, resume/cover letter writing, interview skills, and any job preparation inquiries.  CEC is located at Student Service/Administration Building 6, room 101 and can be contacted at honcec@hawaii.edu or at (808) 845-9204.


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